Scavenger Hunt Subjects for 2022

Andy    May 12, 2022

Please find the 25 subjects for this year’s scavenger hunt courtesy of Mrs H.

As always you need to shoot an image that addresses each subject, however you only have 2 hours to shoot your images and they must be in Square format.

Once you’ve prepared your images rename them with your name and the image number and send them in. I’ll format them into a 5 X 5 grid and will publish them on the website!

  1. Historic writing
  2. Fabric
  3. Including the sky
  4. Church windows
  5. Alleyways
  6. A circle
  7. Five
  8. Something new
  9. Grain
  10. Something beginning with ‘H’
  11. Birds eye View
  12. Another member of camera club
  13. Artwork or graffiti
  14. A door that’s not a rectangle
  15. Wildlife
  16. A number
  17. Metal
  18. Somewhere you can sit
  19. Abstract shapes
  20. Steps
  21. The orient
  22. Long and thin
  23. Bolts or locks
  24. Flower petals
  25. Abandoned