SOLD ! – Canon 100-400mm EF f4.5-5.6 L IS lens

Andy    April 10, 2022

Please Note this item has been sold

I’m having a bit of a clear out at the moment and getting rid of equipment I no longer use…

I therefore have a lens for sale, a Canon 100-400mm L Lens. This is an absolute classic lens from Canon.

100 400 770
For Sale from Andy…

The lens is in excellent, fully working condition and comes with front and rear lens caps, the ET-83C lens hood and a genuine Canon tripod mount. The only wear present on the lens are a couple of pin prick marks in the paint near the switches (see photo). The lens is supplied in the original case which is perfect apart from a small mark on one side (see photo).

Buy a “white” lens and look like the Pros!

  • L Grade lens
    L lenses are Canon’s top grade professional lenses featuring excellent build quality, fantastic optics and weather sealing.
  • EF lens
    This is an EF lens so can be used on Full-frame, 1.3X Crop sensors and 1.6X crop sensors (i.e. APS-c)
  • 100mm-400mm
    This is a super long telephoto zoom, so great for wildlife and snooping on your neighbours, when used on a APS-C sensor this becomes equivalent to 160mm – 640mm.
  • Dual Mode Image stabilisation
    This allows the lens to provide up to 3 stops image stabilization which can either;
    • Be used in normal mode (mode 1) where the image is stabilised both horizontally and vertically, or
    • Be used in panning mode (mode 2) where only vertical image stabilisation is provided helping with panning shots of say birds in flight, motor racing, sports etc.
  • Dual Range Auto focus
    Here you can set a minimum focusing distance within which the auto focus won’t operate allowing a faster auto focus beyond that distance.

I’m offering it to my Camera Club buddies at £500, before I list it on Ebay at £600.

If you’d like to have a look at this lens let me know.

Andy Hyde