Shoot Wide Competition – March 2022

Terry    March 17, 2022
Thomas PedersenBored Waiting For Genki8
Mike ThompsonThe Wider View From Top Field10
Janice McInallyButtermere, Lake District10
Gordon de SousaSt. Paul’s Walden Church6.5
Dennis FensomeLadies Dancing6.5
Andy HydeNight Clubbers and Early Risers7.5
Jenny ScottThe Great British Countryside8
Chris MillsKings College, Cambridge9.5
Ian SmallBluebells and Beech8.5
Dave MartinCornfields10
Toby ScottRome at Night7
Jeremy LintottSunset on Southwold7.5
Elizabeth ScottEvening Sky7.5
Greg CovingtonGrey Day, Llanberis7
Tom SalmondDramatic Sky9.5
Tony FernsLock to Lock, Grand Union Canal8
Dave RadfordLow Poppies8
Terry LintonHeading Home8
Jo ConwayNorth Shore, Iona7.5
Julia BolotinaHowl’s Promenade7
Thomas PedersenHey, Pass the Ball, I am going to shoot wide6.5
Mike ThompsonKings Cross9.5
Janice McInallyRed Post Box in the Wall7
Gordon de SousaWide Open Doors7.5
Dennis FensomeThe Road…to Where?6.5
Andy HydeThe Paladian Bridge7
Jenny ScottA Not Quite Foggy Day in London Town7
Chris MillsDog Walkers, South Bank, London7.5
Ian SmallTranquility7
Dave MartinPuffball Fungi in Woods8.5
Toby ScottMarylebone Road7.5
Jeremy LintottTaransay10
Elizabeth ScottWindmill Hill at Noon7
Greg CovingtonHitchwood8
Tom SalmondThe Cobb8
Tony FernsMillenium Bridge, with a bit more at the end of it8
Dave RadfordRadioactive View7
Terry LintonCoal Drop Yard8.5
Jo ConwayTide Out at Southend-on-Sea7.5
Terry LintonRoom to Roam7
Thomas PedersenShooting Wide Open9.5
Jeremy LintottSand Patterns, Harris8
Andy HydeBelow Parr photography7.5
Dave MartinMorning Light at Barmouth7.5
Janice McInallyEnglish Bull Terrier9
Steve GrangerWide Shot7.5
Andy HydeThe New Bridge7
Thomas PedersenShooting Wide Through the Arrow Slit6.5
Dave MartinWillian Village Pond8.5
Janice McInallyHolding Back the Water7
Terry LintonAdmiring the View8
Jeremy LintottYesnaby Castle, Orkney10
Steve GrangerSpring8