Lines Competition

Terry    December 3, 2021
Simon MaddisonFollowing the Contours5.5
Jeremy LintottUnder the Eye8
Thomas PedersonCurles Leaf Lines, Toned Monochrome7
Jennifer HeathBeer Line, Chelyabinsk, Russia10
Andy HydeDividing Lines9.5
Dave MartinLeading Lines9
Terry LintonSunshine Came Softly Through the Window8.5
Steve GrangerNatures Lines7
Ian SmallA Web of Lines8.5
Janice McInallyJust Holding it Together6
Dave RadfordClimbing Frame9.5
Thomas PedersonWinter Morning in the Potato Field8.5
Dave RadfordRed Reeds9.5
Jeremy LintottAnother Wet Feather8.5
Simon MaddisonReflected Building9
Janice McInallyBrooklyn Bridge7
Andy HydeOnline Tweeting10
Ian SmallA Mosaic Façade6
Steve GrangerPencil Lines9.5
Dave MartinHorizontal Lines and Vertical Lines, Woolacombe Beach8
Terry LintonLooking Up Between the Floors7.5
Jennifer HeathLine of Thought, Chelabinsk, Russia10

Steve GrangerConverging Lines9
Lee PainePolice Lines7.5
Alex DevaureFeather8
Dave MartinBuilding Lines8.5
Gordon deSousaLines of Deckchairs7.5
Ian SmallPassing Through6.5
Jeremy LintottCrossed Lines9.5
Mike ThompsonLines in the Sky – Fireworks7.5
Simon MaddisonNational Portrait Gallery10
Terry LintonA Slow Afternoon at the Sea Front8
Toby ScottPower Lines, Train Lines8
Steve LangfordHandrail to the Abyss7.5
Peter WardNo Straight Lines in Nature7.5
Jo ConwayPortside Lines7
Greg EvansShadows of the Past6
Elizabeth ScottThe Cat’s Whiskers6
Dennis FensomeBusy5.5
Andy HydeWhere They Grow The Greenhouses9.5
Dan KeighleyOn The Line6.5
Chris MillsLines of Cars8.5
Dave CheesmanPolestar Letter Kenny7.5
Chris EvansJoin The Line9.5
Greg CovingtonBeach Huts10
Janice McInallyFallen tree6.5
Thomas PedersenCar Light Trails and Unexpected Ghosts7
Dave RadfordBamboo Shoots7.5
Jennifer HeathPilgrims Path, Lindisfarne, Northumberland 17
Debra WellsLondon Eye Spindle8.5
Jenny ScottNature’s Canopy5.5
Steve GrangerMushroom Gills6
Lee PaineStairway to Heaven9.5
Dave MartinPower Lines8.5
Gordon deSousaLines to St. Pauls8.5
Ian SmallCome This Way6.5
Jeremy LintottDancing in the Sand10
Mike ThompsonLines on a Tree Stump7
Simon MaddisonSmoking Ages You7.5
Terry LintonSporting Lines7
Toby ScottGreen Lines10
Steve LangfordThe Revelations of Low Tide6.5
Peter WardShadow Bench8.5
Jo ConwayPipe Line8
Greg EvansInterconnected7.5
Elizabeth ScottLines of Light6.5
Dennis FensomeDream On5.5
Andy HydeWash Day9
Dan KeighleyPyke Line7
Chris MillsLeading Lines7.5
Dave CheesmanTaking The Load9
Chris EvansVanishing Point10
Greg CovingtonDecaying Hosta Leaf10
Janice McInallyPeekaboo9
Thomas PedersenA Spicy Night Out7
Dave RadfordQuay Lines8
Jennifer HeathPilgrims Path, Lindisfarne, Northumberland 26.5
Debra WellsBCLM Tramline8.5
Jenny ScottBehind the Lines6.5