New Hitchin Initiative Postcards…

Andy    July 11, 2021

As many of you know I work quite often with the Hitchin Initiative and the Hitching Historical Society. While shooting the 2022 Hitchin Calendar the Initiative asked me if I could provide then with some new images to refresh their postcard stock. Has always I was happy to provide a them a selection of images from which they choose 10 to use as postcards.

Img 20210710 184605 01
The new Hitchin Initiative Postcards

Some of these images you’ll have seen before in competition and our various assignment nights, however it’s nice to show them off as a set. You can see the images in the gallery below, however a better option might be to buy some from the Hitchin Initiative shop in Churchyard.

Post card full set

If you’ve got a “success” you’d like to share with the club let me know and we’ll do a write-up