Summer Programme

Andy    May 13, 2021

As a sign of returning to normal this year we’ll be running out normal programme of sporadic events through out the summer. We’ll be starting off with the hugely popular Scavenger Hunt (details soon), and ending with our promotional event in the town square, however who knows exactly what will happen in the interim!?

However, here’s our best guess of what’s coming up and when. Please keen an eye on the Club Programme (here) for the confirmed days, dates and locations;

  • Scavenger Hunt – May 20th 6:30 PM Opposite St Marys
    Organiser – Andy 20th
    We’ll be running our annual scavenger hunt on Thursday the 20th May. I’m pleased to announce that Mrs H. has prepared a list of challenges.
    As usual you need to shoot all 25 subjects in a period of 2 hours. The photos need to be cropped to a square format, and will be shown on the website as each persons set of 25.
    If you can’t make it to Hitchin on the 20th, then you can shot your set anytime in the next week wherever you want.
  • Ickleford Photowalk- June(ish)
    Organiser Marcus
    Here we’ll be taking a stroll around the pleasant village of Ickleford. To help you find the best shots we’ll prepare some notes, and hopefully we can meet and enjoy a beer after!
  • Marston heath (or similar) – June or July
    Organiser Lee
    We’ll be making a return trip to one of our regular spot to capture the wildlife, insects and the rays of the setting sun!
  • Something else – someone else – some time
    If you’ve got a suggestion for a trip let us know and we’ll help you organise it.
  • Sharpen Hoe clappers – late summer
    Organiser Jeremy
    Sharpen Hoe Clappers for butterflies at sunset is always a popular event.
  • Promotional event – 28th August
    Organiser – Terry
    We often run stall in the town square to advertise ourselves on a the Saturday a couple of weeks before the start of the new season. If you’d like to help promote the club come along, bring some of your prints and tell everyone who’s interested how great Hitchin Camera Club is!
  • Opening night – 9th September
    Lead by – Marcus
    I’m on holiday this week so Marcus will be running the opening night to welcome you all (hopefully) back to physical meetings, tell you what’s been going on, and tell you what’s coming up. If you want to bring a friend along this is a great night to learn about the club!