Natural History Competition 2021

Gareth    April 10, 2021

Here are the scores and images from the final competition of the 2020/21 season, held on April 8th 2021 and judged by Cat Humphries.

Jo ConwayLimpets5
Peter WardChalkhill Blue5
Debra WellsMaltese Wall Lizard7
Ian SmallNectaring Awl King Butterfly8.5
Greg EvansSpring-time Toad10
Jeremy LintottCommon Funnels9
Terry LintonChalkhill Blue roosting on Scabius7
Ellen EdwardsFrigatebird Feeding its Young6
Dan KeighleyLife on a Thistle6
Dave RadfordBlue Tit Three7
Steve GrangerMycena8
Mike ThompsonThe Robin in Profile7
Thomas PedersenFly on the Flower8
Jenny ScottFeeding Time for the Gull7
Simon MaddisonSeedhead7
Andy HydeThe Gathering8
Nigel HughesLittle Egret Hunting4
Steve PartridgeIncoming7
Dave CheesmanCygnet at Wrest Park5
Greg CovingtonMacrolepiota Procera (Parasol Mushroom)7
Gareth KitchenerDragonfly in My Garden8
Jo ConwaySticky Bud8
Debra WellsPlanted Peacock6
Ian SmallBroad-Bordered Bee Hawkmoth Necataring10. (2nd)
Greg EvansSpiderweb8.5
Jeremy LintottFulmar9
Terry LintonSilver Gulls10. (3rd)
Ellen EdwardsThe Final Moments7
Dan KeighleyLooking for Acorns7
Dave RadfordBlue Tit Between5
Steve GrangerFly Agaric10
Mike ThompsonCrouching Squirrel, Hidden Dragon7
Thomas PedersenDragon Fly Balance7.5
Jenny ScottPeekaboo, The Waving Grey Squirrel6
Andy HydeThe Magnificent Sycamore9
Simon MaddisonOn My Lawn6
Nigel HughesFallow Deer7
Steve PartridgeNot So Green Tree4
Dave CheesmanLions Paw, Samburu National Park5
Greg CovingtonHunting Heron6
Gareth KitchenerGrasshopper Feasting on Japanese Maple7
Jo ConwayLadybirds8.5
Debra WellsOrange Fungi6
Greg EvansSkipper8
Jeremy LintottAzure Damselfly10. (1st)
Terry LintonWoodland Mushroom (Agaricus Silvicolm)7
Ellen EdwardsAfrican Spotted Eagle Owl8
Dan KeighleyPhotography Squirrel8.5
Dave RadfordJenny Wren6
Steve GrangerChalkhill Blue10
Mike ThompsonThe Thistle Ecosystem7
Thomas PedersenMacro Branch Lichen7
Jenny ScottA Landing Gull8
Andy HydeLucilia Sericata on Burgundy Ball Dahlia8
Nigel HughesOtter on Guard5
Steve PartridgeWhere is Spiderman?6
Dave CheesmanGannets at Bempton Cliffs10
Greg CovingtonGreat Crested Grebes Displaying7