Open Competition 2 – February 2021

Gareth    February 5, 2021

Here are the scores and digital images from the second ‘Open’ competition of the 2020/21 season, held on February 4th 2021 and judged by Colin Strong.

1Greg CovingtonAutumn Impression8.5
2Dave CheesmanDrift Wood6.5
3Jo ConwayNot Haring About10
4Steve PartridgeThird Bubble From The Sun7.5
5Andy HydeWhat’s Yellow and Dangerous?6
6Lee PaineSwans, Ducks and a Sunset6
7Mike ThompsonSwan Take-Off7
8Steve GrangerHazel Catkin7
9Ellen EdwardsThe Oher Side of the Fence9
10Jenny ScottLive at the O2 – Manamana6.5
11Thomas PedersenFungi at Dusk8.5
12Tony DoddThe Autumn of Our lives8
13Dave RadfordGanet6.5
14Peter WardAutumn Reflections7
15Terry LintonLovers’ Lane8.5
16Jeremy LintottHarmony9.5
17Tom SalmondCool Hue Porth Nanven9
18Ian SmallHere Comes The Sun8.5
19Tony FernsLanterns8
20Toby ScottFound Objects7
21Calum GernonCutting Through The Fog9.5
22Debra WellsWho Said I Can’t Walk Myself?7
23Greg EvansGoalie7.5
24Greg CovingtonFrost7
25Dave CheesmanGeneral Dynamics8.5
26Jo ConwayRain on Honeysuckle7.5
27Steve PartridgeRed Sky at Night6
28Andy HydeTilehouse Tones9
29Lee PaineSelf-Portrait9
30Mike ThompsonHover-Fly in Brambles8
31Steve GrangerPollen Pair9.5
32Ellen EdwardsDeep in Thought7.5
33Jenny ScottDomburg By Night7.5
34Thomas PedersenDon’t Rush Me – I’m Crossing as fast as I can8.5
35Tony DoddGalactic Centre over the Isle of Wight7.5
36Dave RadfordA Dying Memory7
37Peter WardTantallon Castle and Bass Rock7.5
38Terry LintonThe Place Where Water Runs Through Rocks9
39Jeremy LintottDusk Light, Luskentyre9
40Tom SalmondRusted7.5
41Ian SmallLighting The Way7.5
42Tony FernsThe Comet Photo I Wanted To Take7
43Calum GernonMosaic Monster6.5
44Debra WellsMathematical Bridge on a Foggy Morning8
45Greg EvansOld-Fashioned6.5
46Greg CovingtonDawn Towards Taransay7
47Dave CheesmanLilos8.5
48Jo ConwayCan I Get A Latte please?7
49Steve PartridgeFffffreezing7
50Andy HydeThe Blue Hour8
51Lee PainePreparing for War9
52Mike ThompsonCommon Gulls, Walberswick8.5
53Steve GrangerThe Three Amigos10
54Ellen EdwardsThe End of the Day6.5
55Jenny ScottA Summer Read7
56Thomas PedersenLast Rays of the Sun at Kielder7
57Tony DoddAbove Us Only Sky7
58Dave RadfordV126.5
59Peter WardThames Barrier7.5
60Terry LintonFlooded Wood6
61Jeremy LintottConducting The Choir9
62Tom SalmondAlone8
63Ian SmallOrange Tip Nectaring8
64Tony FernsICM, or is it?6.5
65Calum GernonCrashing Waves7.5
66Debra WellsGhostly Figures on Ryde Pier10
67Greg EvansBMW9