Editing Challenge – Update

Andy    June 13, 2020

During the extended season (due to the Corona Virus Lock-down) we’ve been looking for different evenings to run, which would be suitable for our current online presence. Copying an idea from another club we decided to run an editing challenge, which turned out to be an interesting, amusing and informative evening.

The premise of the evening was quite simple. A number of RAW files (and some unedited JPG copies) were made available for members to download, edit and re-submit to show how, given a free reign, they would edit the images.

On the night we ran the evening like an Assignment night with the members images being shown in a random order, and as each member’s image appeared we asked them to say a little about how they edited the image and what inspired them to edit it that way.

At the end of the evening Andy Hyde then gave a series of demos, showing not only how he edited the image, but also his approach and the tools he used to achieve different effects.

Editing Challenge 4
The original unprocessed image

Of the 6 images, a series of cottages from Bibury in the Cotswords, reputedly the most beautiful village in England (learn more here – https://www.cotswoldsadventures.co.uk/bibury-beautiful-village-england/) was very popular with a number of members “having a go with that one“.

The original image had a number of flaws, for example the blown-out sky and the distracting people in the distance, however each of our authors addressed this in their own styles, showing just some of a range of possibilities.

For the technically minded, the image was shot on a Fuji X10 compact camera in Fuji’s RAW format (.RAF), with an exposure of 1/80th @ f7.1 with ISO 100, with an equivalent focal length of 28mm and was edited using different tools including;

  • LightRoom
  • PhotoShop
  • Afinity One