Isolation and Distance Competition June 2020

Gareth    June 5, 2020

Here are the scores and images from the “Isolation & Distance” competition, which was held remotely on 4th June 2020 and judged by Andy Hyde.

1Tom SalmondAlone on the Street8
2Ian SmallA Broadway Run (Letchworth Style)9
3Gordon de SousaPlayers in Lockdown8
4Toby ScottFlight7
5Terry LintonProtected, Discarded6.5
6Jeremy LintottSafe Haven10
7Alex DevaureFamily Self-Isolated7.5
8Tony FernsA Long Way From The Sea7
9Tony DoddsFly Me To The Moon8
10Ellen EdwardsLone House9.5
11Dave RadfordA Beach Boy8.5
12Andy HydeHow Far Apart Should We Sit?n/a
13Dave CheesmanLake Garda7
14Simon MaddisonThe Coopers on a Break8.5
15Mike ThompsonThe Joy of Isolation7.5
16Tom SalmondDistant Brothers6.5
17Ian SmallEvening Shadows in the Andes8.5
18Gordon de SousaA lone trig point8.5
19Terry LintonContact Centre Smoke Break7.5
20Jeremy LintottStay In, Stay Warm, Stay Safe8.5
21Alex DevaureCan I Go Out?9
22Tony FernsIt’s A Long Way Back To The Car8
23Tony DoddsEquals 77
24Ellen EdwardsSnowdon in the Distance8
25Dave RadfordInfra-Red Horse7
26Andy HydeContemplationn/a
27Dave CheesmanConfined7.5
28Simon MaddisonI’m Not Using That PPE!7
29Mike ThompsonThe Walking Dead – Radwell7.5
30Tom SalmondNot Allowed to Play7
31Ian SmallOn the Rocks8
32Terry LintonThey Have Got Bread!7.5
33Jeremy LintottToilet8
34Alex DevaureThe New Supermarket9.5
35Tony FernsThe Watcher on the Shore8
36Tony DoddsDistance and Isolation7.5
37Ellen EdwardsSolitude9.5
38Dave RadfordIsolated Photographer8.5
39Andy HydeThe Lone Cactusn/a
40Dave CheesmanWhen Will I Get My Wings?8
41Simon MaddisonLet’s Dance Apart – In San Francisco7.5
42Mike ThompsonLove in a Queue10