Duck End Nature Reserve – Update

Andy    July 23, 2019

Our trip to the Duck End Nature Reserve in Maulden started out a little bit on the moist side, ever after the rain of the previous few days that was hardly surprising, however after no more than half an hour the sun came out and it turned into a great day!

Early morning rain

Dan and I were the advanced party and staked out our spot by one of several small ponds early enough to see some damsel flies roosting. Shortly afterwards a small click of photographers (I assume “click” is the collective noun for photographers) started moving through the undergrowth as Jeremy led everyone around the nature reserve to show them the marsh area, the two ponds, the meadow and the boardwalk.

Spotted in the wild!

The meadow, pond and boardwalk were the most popular areas with everyone quickly getting down to business, and shooting the damsel flies, and four-spotted chasers, as well as several different types of butterflies.

Many thanks to Jeremy for introducing us to this new site.

The Duck end nature reserve isn’t easy to find, however there are lots of options for different types of wildlife photography, and the general scenery around is very pleasant too. If you’d like to visit Duck End yourself;

  • Follow your sat nav to MK45 2DJ, this is Moor Lane.
  • Park you car
  • Walk down Moor Lane
  • After a 100 yards, take the right hand fork in the road
  • Walk past the allotments on the left
  • You’ll walk past a wooded area on the right (this is the nature reserve)
  • Continue on, and as you reach the end of the woods there’s a small gate.
  • Once you’re in the gate you’ll see the following map.
    Welcome to Duck End
20190720 100330
Guide Map to the nature reserve

As always here are a few of our members photos from the day! However we’d love to show off some more, so please send me some of your images and I’ll get them uploaded.