People and Portraits

Andy    June 19, 2016

The People and Portrait competition is (fairly obviously) all about taking pictures of people. These can be formal posed shots (like the winners from 2016 below) or can be informal or candid shots.

People and Portrait
May be interpreted as portraying a person (or persons) with the emphasis on their identity or character.

The Hitchin Camera Club People and Portrait competition includes both Print and Digital image sections, and a winner will be chosen from each category to win a trophy which will be presented at the AGM.

Check the Club Programme to confirm how many entries you are allowed this year.

PEOPLE - Steve - Laura

Laura – Steve Granger – Winner of the 2016 People and Portraits Digital competition


I Want you – Andy Hyde – Winner of the 2016 People and Portraits Print competition

Thin white

The following would be suitable for the People and Portrait competition.