Letchworth Town Centre

Andy    June 19, 2016

Letchworth was one of the first garden cities, is just 4 miles north-east of Hitchin and has some great gardens and open spaces.

IMG_4191-6 Pano Perspective

IMG_5801Some of the best places to see in Letchworth are the Broadway, which leads into the town and the first roundabout in the UK (possibly not the most photogenic subject but quite interesting).

The fountain in the Broadway Gardens is a focal point from several directions.



IMG_5461Within the town itself are the art-deco cinema and you’ll also find the Broadway hotel which is a great building to photograph and if you’re hungry they do a fantastic carvery.

The Howard gardens, which were renovated in 2015, have interesting views and the Mrs Howard Hall itself is an interesting building and features the same large windows as the Spiralla building just past the railway station (pictured in the panorama above).


AMS - November Morning - IMG_5471