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  • Thu

    Assignment Night 2

    19:45Silverbirch Room, Christchurch, Hitchin

    Assignment nights are a really popular evening where the members get to share and talk about their images.

    Six weeks before the Assignment Night our chairman will announce 2 subjects. Your mission is to shoot a maximum of 6 images that answer those subjects.

    On the night your images will be shown on the screen and you'll have the opportunity to talk about, how or why you took that shot. Assignment nights are really good fun because the other member's will want to know about your photographs, and of course you'll have the opportunity to ask them about theirs!

    The 2 subjects for the Assignment Night are...

    • 16 X 9 in Portrait formal

      Screenshot 20181119 102400 Samsung Experience Home

      As a phone background

      Screenshot 20181122 222304 Quickpic[4366]

      Example Shot

      Here you need to a take photo that would make a good background for your mobile phone. It can be any subject, in any style, however your photo must make good use of a vertical (portrait) format and ideally have an aspect ratio of 16 X 9 (or rather 9 X 16).
      If you can combine your assignment night with a screen shot of your phone so we can see your background in action, just like the examples on the right that would be even better!

    • Earth, Wind, Water and Fire
      Any image which shows one or more of the 4 elements.