Forthcoming Events

Event Information:

  • Thu

    Practical Evening - Water and Ice

    19:45Walsworth Road Baptist Church

    For the past few years we've run a practical night as part of the season.

    For this evening we'll ask you to bring along your cameras, your tripods and your imagination, and we'll actual "do" photography.

    The theme this is year is Water and Ice.

    Please bring the following:

    • Your Camera!
    • Lens, a macro if you have one. If not use your favourite lens
    • Tripod, if you have one
    • Cable release, if you have one.
    • Flash guns and triggers if you have any

    If you want to bring props, bring:

    • Wine glass/es,
    • Glass vase in clear or coloured glass
    • Coloured paper

    If you have the following they'll be really useful;

    • A sheet of clear Perspex
    • LED torch/es
    • Desk lamp
    • Light panels