Macro Practise Night

Andy    July 11, 2019

Following on from Bob Brind-Surch’s macro presentation, and in preparation for our Close-up competition, we’ll be using this evening to practise close-up photography. Several of the committee and some of our more experienced members will be on hand to give you a nudge in the right direction if you need it, otherwise just come along and “do photography“!

The club will make sure we have;

  • Some continuous lights and some flashes (for the more adventurous of you)
  • Some props (may be some flowers, a lego man or two, some coins or jewellery)
  • Some backgrounds and reflectors
  • Tables, blu-tak, gaffer tape, little clamps etc.

If you want to take part you’ll need;

  • Your camera, memory card and fully charged batteries
  • A tripod (if you don’t have one I’m sure someone will let you borrow theirs for a bit)
  • Any close-up accessories you might have (extension tubes, close-up filters, macro lens)
  • A cable release (if you’ve got one)
  • Anything you’d like to photograph

… and of course your imagination!

For those who attended our Flower photography workshop last year we’ll be following the same formula.