Thomas Peck – Photography and the Sublime

Andy    April 27, 2020

Tonight Thomas Peck from Loughton Camera Club will give a presentation Via Video link. His presentation will talk about the influences on landscape painters and how their work now affects Landscape photography.

The Photographic Sublime – how artistic traditions of the Sublime influence photography of the past, present and future…Photojournalist Thomas Peck (B&W Photography, shows how the traditions of the Sublime influenced early landscape photographers through to the modern day. With examples from painters like Turner & Caspar David Friedrich & photos from Carleton E Watkins to M Kenna to S Salgado to A Adams to H Sugimoto, plus the author’s own pictures. A fascinating insight into a cultural trend which is sure to provoke some debate, especially when we look into the future at how photography and the Sublime might interact in the 21st century…