Strobists Special Interest Group – Exposure

Andy    February 18, 2020

On FRIDAY 28th February we’ll be running the first in a series of special events focused on flash photography.

In this first meeting we’ll be talking about the different factors that affect exposure when using flash, and there’ll be an opportunity to practise the skills we’re discussing.

Please bring your camera and flash!
To get a head start on the evening make sure you know how to set your camera into manual mode, and how to set the shutter speed, Aperture and ISO

Please remember the Special Interest Group meetings are not included in your annual subscription, so the cost of the evening will be divided between the people who attend (rounded up to the next whole pound). The more people who attend the cheaper the night will be however budget between £3 and £5.

Please Note: Only paid up HCC members can attend the Special Interest Group Meetings.