Social – Match-a-slide – Andy Hyde

Andy    June 26, 2019

A firm favourite the match-a-slide competition will be making a welcome return on the 3rd October.

For those who’ve not attended a Match-a-slide, this is a fun event to help break the ice and let members get to know each other. The premise of the evening is quite simple;

  • The members will be divided into 3 teams
  • Each team will be able to select a number of images to represent their team.
  • Each team in turn will display one of their chosen images and will challenge the other team to find a match.
  • Our judge for the evening will then review and comment on the three images and will allocate points depending on;
    • Whether the images are a match
    • Which is the “best” image
    • However, as part of the fun nature of this event the judge will be able to allocate additional points at his whim, and of course penalise teams for excessive heckling.
  • Needless to say the winners are the team with the most points at the end of the evening

This really is fun evening and is always an enjoyable night.