Scavenger Hunt 2022

Andy    April 21, 2022

The scavenger hunt has been one of the most popular Summer Events we’ve done over past few years, so we’ll be doing this again!

On the evening we’ll be giving out a list of 25 subjects, and I’ll be asking you to go and take images that address those subjects. The subjects are wide and diverse, and will require you to  use several different photographic disciplines. However just to make the exercise even more challenging there are 2 constraints;

  • You’ve got 2 hours to take your shots
  • You need to present your images in a square format
    I’m hoping that everyone will send sets of 25 photos which will be presented on the website as a 5 x 5 grid

We’ll be meeting on the steps opposite St Mary’s in Hitchin at 6:30, however you can do your own personal Scavenger Hunt wherever you want in time in the week after (I’m trusting you to stick to the 2 hours shooting time).

I’ll be publishing the list of shots on the web-site, but I’ll have some printed copies with me on the night.

Once you’ve taken your shots crop them to a square format, rename them with your name and the image number (e.g. “Andy Hyde – 1.jpg”), and then send them in. You can see the some examples here

One final thing to note is that the Scavenger Hunt subjects will be set by Mrs H. so that I can join in with the fun too!

Please can we remind all members be conscious of social distancing.