Photographers’ Gardeners’ question time and Quiz

Andy    May 31, 2022

A few years ago we ran a Question and Answer session based on the popular Radio 4 Panel show, followed by a photography Quiz. This was a well received evening so we’re going to run it again.

This year’s panel will be;

  • Steve Granger
  • Ian Small
  • Dave Radford
  • Andy Hyde

For those unfamiliar with Gardener’s Question time we’ll be providing a panel of experts to answer your photographic questions. Members will be encouraged to ask the panel for guidance, advise and for help in soothing their photographic woes. The panel member’s will be some of the more senior and experienced club members who will have a range of different skills and areas of expertise. To ensure the evening runs smoothly we’ll be having a host to receive the questions and pass them on to the relevant expert.

We’ll be accepting questions on the night but we’d very much welcome getting some in advance, simply email Steve with your questions.

What can you ask? Pretty much anything, however here are some ideas;

  • What is a mirrorless camera, and why would I want one?
  • Are expensive memory cards worthwhile?
  • What workflow do the panel use when handling their images?
  • How can I learn PhotoShop?
  • What’s the difference between formatting a memory card and delete all?
  • What tips would the panel give for …. ?

Having answered your questions in the first part of the evening, in the second part of the evening we’ll be turning the tables and asking you the questions in a photography quiz.