Photo-walk around Pirton

Andy    May 30, 2022

On the 23rd June we’ll be re-visiting one of our favourite location for a Photo-walk… Pirton village.

We’ll meet at about 7:00 PM at the Mott and Bailey pub, before we set out to explore or perhaps re-discover, the village.

For a previous visit some of our members produced the following map which highlights some items of interest, however there are lots of nooks, granies and other spaces to explore even if you go off-piste.

As normal there’s a pretty high likelihood of post walk beer so I look forward to seeing in the pub after!


Download this map here…. HCC Pirton Visit[8914]

Some guidance notes

  • All the local photogenic locations highlighted are within easy range and short walking timescale from the Motte & Bailey pub which is central. Care should be taken as some roads do not have footpaths.
  • Please consider social distancing and make sure you investigate all of the village by exploring throughly.
  • Animals are at various times accommodated on The Bury, please close gates and watch where you tread! There is an information board at Toot Hill describing its history.
  • As regards the dilapidated summer house, this is located in the garden of an elderly lady where we have no rights of access so discretion will need to be exercised. This particular building can be seen from the access road to the Sports & Recreation Ground.
  • A reminder to HCC members that no access over private lands and gardens has been negotiated.