Editing Challenge and Demo

Andy    May 14, 2020

For this event we’ll be asking you to show off your post processing skills.

Below you’ll find a set of 6 RAW files (and some JPEG versions of the unprocessed files), and we need you to edit those files in your favourite application to produce 2 images. On the night we’ll then ask you to talk about your images just like we do on assignment night but describing the edits you made. You are completely free to edit and use the original files however you see fit.

In the second part of the evening I’ll be doing a step by step demonstration of the edits I made to give you an incite into my “process”.

n.b. The files are a mix of Canon and Fuji Raw files for variety and there’s one file as a .DNG for an extra challenge.

To Take part

  • Download either the RAW or JPEG images below
  • Edit them (however you choose) in your favourite editor (e.g. LightRoom, Photoshop, Affinity, Gimp)
  • Produce 2 images and send them in to Gareth, before midnight on the 7th June.

Use these links to download (via WeTransfer) either the original RAW files, or some JPEGs, and then produce 2 images from them.

Fresh links use these from the 4th June.

RAW – https://we.tl/t-efcrrVAz0w

JPEGS – https://we.tl/t-TlX0PufaQr