Competition – Natural History – Naomi Saul ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB, EFIAP,

Andy    July 16, 2019

Now running as an online event via our Live-Stream!!

We are pleased to announce our final competition of the season “Natural History” will be running!

Naomi Saul will be judging the images offline and will provide scores and feedback for the images.

We are hoping to bring the scores to you with recorded comments from Naomi, however if this isn’t possible we will have a series of short presentations by the members, and the scores and comments will be posted online.

As always the Natural history competition is Digital only, therefore you’re allowed up to 3 entries, and you’ll be competing for the Evelyn Bromfield trophy as well as the final points for the season. We may need to reduce the number of entries provided to Naomi, therefore please ensure you number your images, in case we need to remove your third image.

Remember in HCC we use the more open “nature” definition. You can find out more about the Nature competition here