You Be the Judge

Andy    May 22, 2020

For this evening’s activity we’re trying something new, as suggested by one of our members…

We all think we could do a better job than the judge, so tonight you’ll have the chance to see how the scores you give compare against the judge’s marks.

We’ll be selecting 25-30 images from previous open competitions which we’ll display as if it were are normal competition. We’ll be using some new technology to allow to allow you to vote online, and to let us show the results in real time. Once the member’s scores are in and tallied we’ll reveal what the judge scored the image on the night and how they compare.

However, as well as offering you the chance to give your scores online, we’d like to offer members the chance to speak about an image in the same way as a judge does. You’ll have the opportunity to comment on the exposure, or the composition, or any effects or processing the author has added, as well as complaining about wonky horizons. So, if you’d like to have a go at REALLY being the judge, just let me know and we’ll add you to a speakers list for the night.

Look out for details coming soon about how to vote.