Assignment Night 1

Andy    July 30, 2021

On the 16th of September our Chairman Andy announced 2 subjects for the Assignment night, and tonight we get to see the results of your efforts. As always we’ll be asking our members to tell us a little about their photos which gives us a great (and rare) opportunity to really talk about photography

As usual we’ll be asking you to send in up to 6 digital images answering the 2 subjects, these need to be in by midnight on Sunday 24th.

The two subjects this time are;

  • What Goes Around
  • The Magic of the Movies

As always we ask you to shoot something fresh and to interpret these subjects in the widest way possible.

If you’re not sure what an assignment night is, why not look here Assignment Nights – Hitchin Camera Club or better yet use the search feature in the top right of the screen to search for “Assignment” and you’ll find updates on all of our previous events.