Assignment Night #1

Andy    August 5, 2020
For our assignment night’s our chairman chooses a couple of subjects; one straight forward and one challenging and asks the members to up to 4 digital images to answer those subjects. We’ll then show our images to the group to either ask for advice, comments and friendly critique, or to simply enjoy each others’ images. Assignment nights usually have a mind of their own and never quite end up where we expect, but the journey is always interesting, informative and entertaining. The 2 subjects for the Assignment Night on the 29th October are;
Power How would you show power? What even is power?! Use this assignment night to answer those questions Size Big, small or somewhere in between… you chose!
You can learn more about the assignment nights here If you’d like to see the sort of images we get at assignment night, then try Searching for the word “Assignment”, using the search tool in the top right corner of the screen.