Scavenger Hunt Photos

Andy    June 6, 2019

On the 6th June we had our first Summer event during the summer break. As you may remember our chairman gave us a list of 25 subjects to shoot in just 2 hours. However in addition he also asked us to present the images as a square format, so they could be seen on the website as a grid and gallery.

Here are Andy’s photos from his practise run to give you some ideas!

If you’d like your photos to appear here just;

  • Resize the photos to be square and no more than 800 X 800 pixels.
  • Rename them with the subject number and then your name.
    e.g. 01-Andy.jpg, 02,-Andy.jpg
    Don’t worry if you could get all of the images just skip the relevant numbers and add the ones you have.
  • Email them to Andy

Please enjoy our members’ entries!…

Toby Scott

Elizabeth Hunt

Rosemary Kitchener

Gareth Kitchener

Andy Hyde

Ellen Edwards

Alan Close

Lindsay Pellis

Martin Wooton

Jeremy Lintott

Gordon De Sousa

Dave Radford

Dan Keighley

Tony Ferns

Robert Campbell

Lee Payne