St Albans photography scavenger hunt

Terry    April 30, 2019

This activity is being run as part of the St Albans Film Festival. Meeting at Waddington Road Coffee + Kitchen in the centre of St Albans, you will be given a list of 24 things to photography.

You then you have 24 hours to complete the task. This event will test your creative side, while exploring St Albans. It is open to all ages and all levels of experiences, so whether you fancy getting the family together for a fun event or you a keen photographer looking for portfolio inspiration, this is the event for you.

Photos can be taken on any type of camera, but need to be uploaded digitally before 11am on Sunday 30th June. The list of 24 things will be handed out at the Waddington Road Coffee + Kitchen at 11am on the Saturday, but also published on our social media feeds, in case people can’t attend the start.

The organisers will provide advice on how to submit the photos. It is free of charge and open to everyone. To understand how many people will attend, please register at: