Charity Auction Date Change

Andy    April 19, 2019


Due to the AGM overrunning we’ve postponed this year’s charity auction to the last evening of the year.

On the 2nd May we’ll be running our “end of year Fun event”, this year it’s a knock-out competition (see here for more information about the knock-out) then we’ll round off the evening with the Charity auction. As usual our Chairman Andy will showing/demonstrating the items on sale, with Marcus being our auctioneer.

This year we’ll be collecting for a local cause little Seraph Thomas who’s suffering from high risk neuroblastoma, which is an aggressive form of paediatric cancer. Along we many other clubs and societies in the area we’re raising money to help him get the treatment he needs.

Those who attended the AGM will know that we’ve got an enormous pile of camera gear to get through and with everything starting at “pocket money prices” there are some serious bargains to be had.

We’ve got;

  • A number of 35mm cameras – for those fancying something retro
  • Lots of accessories for the Sony shooter
  • At least three tripods – for those in need of support
  • Several flash guns (including Canon and Sigma) – for our bright sparks
  • So many lenses I’ve lost count
  • A host of other camera accessories!

We look forward to seeing you and your money there!