Great TV for Photographers

Andy    March 27, 2019

While idly clicking through the TV channels last night I watched a couple of programs that I thought might be of interest to other photographers. Both of these are on the BBC iPlayer (BBC Four).

Don McCullin – Looking for England

In this 1 hour special Don McCullin revisits some of his old haunts and talks about his photography including letting cameras into his darkroom for the first time.

I’ve only watch part of this so far but it looked really interesting. This program was first shown on the 4th of February and is available for 29 days.

The Art of Japanese Life

This is a 3-part series by Dr James Fox who looks at live in Japan and how it’s framed by art.

In the third episode he looks at the traditional Japanese home and talks about and demonstrates the use of negative space in the tokonana (an exhibition space within the home) and composition and balance in Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), which is then contrasted against modern lives and the chaos of small apartments as photographed by photographer Kyoichi Tsuzuki.