Night Photography Competition

Gareth    March 14, 2019

Here are the scores for the Night Photography competition, held on March 14th 2019 and judged by Ron Tear:

1Steve PartridgeUFOs in Hitchin10
2Andy HydeSuspension8
3Jeremy LintottHebridean Dusk10
4Bob GrinhamThe Empire State Building From Hells Kitchen6.5
5Steve GrangerAcross the Thames7.5
6Terry LintonEvening Commute8
7Dave MartinAll Alone10
8Dave CheesmanCyprus Sunset6.5
9Dave RadfordBuda from Pest7
10Steve PartridgeSpeed of Life7
11Andy HydePaved With Gold10
12Jeremy LintottDeacon Hill, Pegsdon10
13Bob GrinhamThe Millennium Dome6.5
14Steve GrangerSt Pauls9
15Terry LintonHome From The Sea10
16Dave MartinXmas Night Lights Montage8
17Dave CheesmanNight Light6
18Dave RadfordLight at Night9
1Tony FernsOld and New Decommissioned Lightship in Felixstowe in Fog8.5
2Toby ScottNight Anemone7
3Terry LintonThe View to St Pauls6.5
4Steve PartridgeSanctuary From The Rain9
5Steve GrangerTower Bridge10
6Rosemary KitchenerNightfall, Hunstanton9
7Mike ThompsonView from the Bench, Top Field7.5
8Martin WoottonSuper Mega Gargantuan Deathstar Snow Moon and Heron10
9Marcus JacksonThe Tunnel7
10Lydia CaseyConcourse, Kings Cross9.5
11Lee PaineFireworks With The Added Touch of Flame7.5
12Jeremy LintottTwilight, Loch Torridon10
13Greg EvansPorsche10
14Greg CovingtonMoonlight Impression6.5
15Gareth KitchenerKnight Photography7
16Ellen EdwardsSt Albans Cathedral7.5
17Dave RadfordGiddy Waltzer8
18Dave MartinTower Bridge 20128.5
19Dave CheesmanNight Light (Lanzerote)6.5
20Bob GrinhamPyramids of Light7.5
21Andy HydeThe Gates of St. Marys6.5
22Tony FernsFolly By Moonlight5.5
23Toby ScottHunstanton Before Dawn7
24Terry LintonThe Shard from No.1 Poultry10
25Steve PartridgeHarry Vs Speed of Light5
26Steve GrangerLondon, Old & New9
27Rosemary KitchenerBlue Water8.5
28Mike ThompsonUnder the Floodlights, Top Field7.5
29Martin WoottonMisty Halo10
30Marcus JacksonPitlochry Festival of Light9
31Lydia Casey9.11 to London8
32Lee PaineFastest Ride in the UK10
33Jeremy LintottMoonlit Swan9
34Greg EvansThe Tent9.5
35Greg CovingtonMoonlight on Lewis9
36Gareth KitchenerSpot The Photographer7.5
37Ellen EdwardsTower Bridge6
38Dave RadfordFirepaint9
39Dave MartinTintern Abbey by Moonlight7
40Dave CheesmanAfrica Sunset8.5
41Bob GrinhamNight Life, Moroccan Style8
42Andy HydeRainbow Reflection7