Andy    February 16, 2019

Inter Club Competition and changes to the Assignment night

Many of you will be aware that we have an inter-club competition planned for Thursday 11th April. This will be a 3-way competition against Stevenage and Harpenden Photographic societies consisting of 10 Prints and 10 Digital images from each club.

Historically images for external competitions have been chosen via a process know as a hanging committee, however this process is a little old fashioned and has a number of limitations, therefore we’re going to democratise the process by asking you, the members, to chose the images for consideration and to make the final selection. In order to achieve this we’re going to re-use the forthcoming Assignment Night on March 21st as follows;

  • Choose your entries
    Between now and the 14th March we’d like you to select up to 2 of your prints and digital images from this year’s or last year’s competitions entries.
  • Submit your Entries
    • On the evening of the 14th March bring your print entries to put in Gareth’s box
    • By midnight on the 14th March email your digital entries to Gareth

We’ll then publish the images on the club’s website for you to review.

  • Review and chose the images
    On the evening of the 21st March we’ll set the room up as if it were a competition, however as you enter you’ll be given 5 voting slips.
  • We’ll start the evening with a run through of the digital images to let you see everyone’s submission. At this point you should start choosing your favourites. Don’t forget all of the images must be previous competition entries so you’ll have had the chance to see them before in detail, but we can do a second run though if required.
  • We’ll then show each of the images in turn. If you’d like to vote for an image simply surrender one of your voting slips.
  • At the end we’ll be able to announce our top 12 images (10 entries and 2 reserves).
  • In the event of there being multiple images with the same score we’ll use a show of hands vote to determine which make the cut.
    The exact voting method will determined on the night depending on the number of images.
    n.b. I won’t take part in the vote myself, however if we are unable to separate the images after 2 rounds of votes I will make a casting vote.
  • And again…
    We’ll then repeat the process for the Prints.

But what about the assignment night?…

  • If the selection process is completed quickly, we’ll use the remainder of the evening to look at your assignment night images as normal.
  • If there selection process takes a long time we’ll simply defer the assignment night to a different day.

Remember the assignment night is all about taking and making images, so I would strongly suggest you complete the assignment as normal for fun if for no other reason!