Open Competition 2 – February 2019

Gareth    February 14, 2019

Here are the scores for the second Open competition, held on 14 February 2019 and judged by Ben Pike.

1Terry LintonThe Barbican7.5
2Bob GrinhamMonsters From Above7.5
3Steve GrangerPalm House Roof8.5
4Andy HydeWatchdog8.5
5Lesley LintottMountains in the Sand10
6Jeremy LintottOceans Edge8
7Dave RadfordGibson Les Paul8
8Jackie PhillipsBoloria in Japan8
9Dave MartinChalk Hill Blues Resting10
10Dave CheesmanPraia do Barril Portugal, Revisited8.5
11Steve PartridgeFamily Bike Ride7
12Terry LintonMilwall Slip Dock7
13Bob GrinhamGotcha!7.5
14Steve GrangerNeon9
15Andy HydeOne of the Few8
16Lesley LintottMute Swan7.5
17Jeremy LintottRuddy Darter9.5
18Dave RadfordCan You See Me? Signed Incey Wincey.7.5
19Jackie PhillipsShow Boating For The Camera8
20Dave MartinPasque Flower9.5
21Dave CheesmanPainted Skis8
22Steve PartridgeThree Wise Monkeys6.5

1Alan CloseGolden Hour7
2Tony Maynard-SmithCatholic Cathedral, Liverpool10
3Bob GrinhamEssaouira6.5
4Lydia CaseyHave a Slice8
5Andy HydePedalo Sunset6
6Rosemary KitchenerPan Pipes7
7Steve GrangerGerbera Trio8.5
8Dan KeighleyHelix5.5
9Ellen EdwardsCigarette Break8
10Dave CheesmanBarn6.5
11Steve LangfordNew Life7
12Greg EvansTree at Dawn6
13Jackie PhillipsRacing Springers9.5
14Dave MartinSunrise6.5
15Jeremy LintottWoodland Fungi8.5
16Martin WoottonIn the Trenches10
17Steve PartridgeSurprise at Summit7
18Jo BroughtonThe Extraordinary Natural Reflection7
19Gareth KitchenerMcCarthys8
20Terry LintonOn the Rocks7
21Mike ThompsonSplash Landing7
22Tony FernsAutumn is Coming6
23Simon MaddisonOur Greatest Living Photographer9
24Peter WardThe Old and the New8
25Toby ScottThe Fireman7
26Dave RadfordDark Sky7.5
27Alan CloseSt. Marys Reflection7.5
28Tony Maynard-SmithPath Across the Bay10
29Bob GrinhamThe Crest of a Wave6
30Lydia CaseyCatching the Light7.5
31Andy HydeWhat Jack Saw6
32Rosemary KitchenerFlat Cap7
33Steve GrangerBumblebee7
34Dan KeighleyRememberance6
35Ellen EdwardsHoney Bee8
36Dave CheesmanBarrows9.5
37Steve LangfordThe Painter7.5
38Greg EvansWorld in Motion9
39Jackie PhillipsSplashing Around8
40Dave MartinTulip Arabian Beauty10
41Jeremy LintottEmergence9.5
42Martin WoottonA Penny for His Thoughts8.5
43Steve PartridgeIntriguing Tranquility7.5
44Jo BroughtonOrbs8.5
45Gareth KitchenerWine Tasting7.5
46Terry LintonHomeward Bound8
47Mike ThompsonTraffic Light Aphids6
48Tony FernsMellow Fruitfulness7.5
49Peter WardTranquility8.5
50Toby ScottEarly7.5
51Dave RadfordTriple Thistle8.5