People & Portraits January 2019

Gareth    January 24, 2019

Here are the scores for the People & Portraits competition, held on 24 January 2019 and judged by David Steel.

1Terry LintonThe Beach Painter7
2Jeremy LintottThe Emotion Hits10
3Dave MartinPlatform 9 3/47.5
4Jackie PhillipsJapan8
5Steve GrangerPandora’s Box8
6Dave RadfordWho Are You6.5
7Andy HydeThe Butcher8.5
8Steve PartridgeHappy Retirement, Lord Frewer6.5
9Dave CheesmanOff to Market8
10Simon MaddisonRosie7
11Terry LintonI Am So Cold!7
12Jeremy LintottMaama Molitka8.5
13Dave MartinOnly Eyes for Dad8.5
14Steve GrangerAbi9.5
15Dave RadfordHere We Go, This is the Beginning5
16Andy HydePeter & Jane8.5
17Steve PartridgeThe Likely Lads8
18Dave CheesmanTravelers7
19Simon MaddisonThe Exit is Behind Me9

1Greg CovingtonTate St. Ives5
2Tony Maynard-SmithMarket Trader4.5
3Jeremy LintottWinter Runner7.5
4Lee PaineMorning7
5Andy HydeEmma8
6Bob GrinhamContemplation7
7Dave CheesmanThe Net Mender6.5
8Lydia CaseyFocussed7.5
9Dan KeighleyThe Girl with the Blue Earring7.5
10Dave MartinGood Ole Boys – Letchworth Morris Dancers6.5
11Rosemary KitchenerAt The Carnival6.5
12Steve GrangerFlamboyance5.5
13Tony FernsEsme – Great Aunt & Grandma4
14Toby ScottAlexandra9.5
15Martin WoottonMum & Scamp8
16Simon MaddisonAlbanian Portrait8
17Mike ThompsonFamily Dinner4
18Gareth KitchenerMilitary Man8.5
19Jo BroughtonMe & My Mate4.5
20Peter WardLady in Red7
21Terry LintonMike8
22Steve PartridgeComing Through4
23Dave RadfordWaves of Thought6.5
24Greg CovingtonCrabbing4.5
25Tony Maynard-SmithTaking a Break6.5
26Jeremy LintottSquaring Up9
27Lee PaineStrike a Pose4.5
28Andy HydeZoe5.5
29Bob GrinhamLuke7.5
30Dave CheesmanTwo to Beam Up5
31Lydia CaseyVocal Rhythm6
32Dan KeighleyThe Girl with the Orange Flower4.5
33Dave MartinKiki8
34Rosemary KitchenerBollywood Dancer7
35Steve GrangerQuartet8.5
36Toby ScottBand6
37Martin WoottonSurprise10
38Simon MaddisonMan at Concert6.5
39Mike ThompsonProud Aunty & Uncle5
40Gareth KitchenerNritham Dance Academy6.5
41Jo Broughtonthe Girl who Loved Frozen8.5
42Peter WardAbout a Boy5
43Terry LintonThe Book Conservator7
44Steve PartridgeTop of the World8
45Dave RadfordTouchdown5.5