Blood Super Moon 5:15 AM 21st January

Andy    January 12, 2019

For those who fancy a challenge, and don’t mind getting up early there’ll be a Blood Super moon early morning on Monday 21st January, which might be an ideal subject for the Night photography competition in March this year.

A super blood moon represents 2 celestial events occurring simultaneously;

  • Blood Moon – Where the moon turn red or dark orange as it passes through the earth’s shadow
  • Super Moon – Where the moon and Earth are at the closest part of their orbit making the moon appear larger and brighter than normal.

Information from Royal Museums Greenwich says that the moon will start darkening at 2:36AM, with the full eclipse being visible from 4:41AM to 5:43AM and ending around 7:48AM. You can learn more here Royal Museums Greenwich.

According to the Photographer Ephemeris ( the moon will be due west (272 Degrees) at an angle of 24 degrees above the horizon at it’s peak.

For those who haven’t encountered the Photographers Ephemeris it’s a great way to see where the sun or moon will be at any given time, allowing you to plan your landscape shots. You can access the online version for free, however an app for Android or IOS is only a couple of pounds.