Assignment Night Subjects for 10th January

Andy    November 22, 2018

The subjects for the next Assignment night are a follows;

  • 16 X 9 in Portrait formal

    As a phone background

    Example Shot

    Here you need to a take photo that would make a good background for your mobile phone. It can be any subject, in any style, however your photo must make good use of a vertical (portrait) format and ideally have an aspect ratio of 16 X 9 (or rather 9 X 16).
    If you can combine your assignment night with a screen shot of your phone so we can see your background in action, just like the examples on the right that would be even better!

  • Earth, Wind, Water and Fire
    Any image which shows one or more of the 4 elements.

As always your challenge is to shoot up to 6 new images in total answering these 2 subjects, Assignment night photos need to be submitted to Gareth no later than Midnight Sunday 6th January.