Christchurch’s 50th birthday – See your photos in print!

Andy    September 19, 2018

Christchurch will be celebrating their 50th birthday next year and as part of their plans they’re looking to brighten up a number of the rooms within the building with photographs of Hitchin, and they’ve approached us (as both Church users and photographers) to see if our members would be willing to provide some shots of Hitchin they could use.

We’ll collect the digital files then and pass them onto the church and hopefully in a few weeks you might see one of your photos as an 80cm X 50cm canvas on the walls of the church. Initially they are going to be decorating room 8 (the one opposite the “small hall” which we use), however if the project goes well they’ll be looking to decorate all of the meeting rooms, and the corridor.

To be eligible your images need to be;

  • Approximately 3,000 pixels along their shortest length
  • Rectangular format which will be cropped to a approximately an 8X5 ratio, in either portrait or landscape format
  • Colour is preferred, but Black and White will be considered
  • Feature easily recognizable parts of Hitchin

To meet Christchurch’s timeline we need to have all of the submissions in by 30th September. If you’d like to submit an image simply send the full sized file to me ( with “Christchurch photos” in the subject line.