Summer Event Update – Letchworth

Andy    September 8, 2018

For our last Summer Event this year we went to Letchworth, with the aim of walking down the Broadway as the light faded and the evening turned to night.

Although the early rain damped our spirits a little when we arrived as the evening dried out the wet pavements soon became an advantage allowing us to get some great shots capturing the reflections of the street lights. Again we had an excellent turnout for the evening with 8 members and 3 visitors joining us for the evening.

During the course of the evening we spoke about and demonstrated a number of different techniques including some ICM (intentional camera movement) and light painting. Andy spent some time with our visitors talking the different settings on their cameras and showed how to use overhanging trees to help frame a really nice shot of the cloud colours as the sun set.

As the evening continued to darken we moved onto the Broadway itself and everyone enjoyed shooting some long shots using slow shutter speeds. This gave us the opportunity to talk about how to take night shots, including;
Using Live View could be used to help compose your image
– How to focus manually when it’s too dark for auto focus
– What settings to use and why the self timer is so useful.

Finally we moved down towards the fountains opposite the station where everyone enjoyed shooting the coloured fountains before retiring to a convenient pub for a drink, and the opportunity to warm-up.

As always if you’ve got some images from the Summer Events you’d like to share, please send them to and we’ll add them to the relevant slide show.