Summer Programme Update – Campton Plantation

Andy    August 23, 2018

Our visit to Campton Plantation was another well attended event with 10 people coming along including two new visitors joining us for the first time (hello Bekkie and Anna) and at least one camera member who was attending his first summer event.

As usual everyone arrived promptly, and I gave a quick overview of the geography of the plantation and what you could find there. We then started to wander into the woods and people disappeared down the different tracks taking their interest. I stayed with one of our new visitors to help her get used to using her DSLR, a recent upgrade from using phone and simple point and shoot camera.

As we walked around the woods we’d occasionally see other members of the club, for brief moments before they disappeared back into the undergrowth, but as the light started fade we all seemed to gravitate towards the setting sun, and the tree sculpture of the monk. I knew that from previous visits to the plantation, I was keen to try some night shots using speedlites, coloured filters and the now traditional can of artificial smoke. Look out for the “behind the scenes” shot in the slide show.

By about 8:45 the fading light and the darkness of the woods meant that we’d pretty much all given up, so we quickly headed off to the White Hart in Campton, where sat for quite some while, where among several other topics an unexpectedly technical discussion ensued about how to build computer specifically for photo-editing.


If you’ve like to come along to one of our Summer Events there’s one left this summer, which will be Letchworth town centre on Thursday 6th September, you can read all about it here.

Don’t forget if you’ve got any images from the summer events to share simply email them to me ( and I’ll upload them to the relevant slide show.