Summer Programme – Hitchin Lavender Update

Andy    July 26, 2018


With the continuing good weather our new summer programme continues to be a great success! This week’s trip was to Hitchin Lavender just outside Ickleford on the Arlesey Road. As in previous weeks we’d arranged to meet at the event at 7:00 and everyone was on-time ready for the start, with a couple of others joining us later in the evening, it was also great to see a number of visitors had chosen to join us too. On arrival everyone was surprised with how busy the lavender farm was, with a yoga group exercising in front of the fields, many families enjoying the lavender and the summer evening, and several groups of professional photographers shooting portraits of their models.

The fields were quite so busy we headed over to the far side and the Sun flower fields to start our evenings’ photography. Very quickly we dispersed into the fields and it was quite amusing as every few minutes a photographer’s head would appear amongst the flower, look around and then disappear again!

As the evening progressed we moved around the top of the farm into the main lavender fields taking pattern shots of the lavender as well as details of the lavender flowers themselves and the insects around them. Finally at around 8:40 as the sun started to set a group of us lined up to capture the setting sun over the sun flowers, with the lavender in the background.

As always we maintained the tradition of a refreshing drink after our photography, and once the Lavender farm had shut at 9:00 PM we headed off into Ickleford itself and nice cool beer (or 2 in my case) in the Plume of Feathers.

If you’d like to come to one of our summer events, simple checked the Forthcoming events page here, and see what’s going on, when and where.