Photographic equipment for sale

Andy    July 7, 2018

I’m having a bit of a clear out at the moment and have the following items for sale, which I’d like to offer to my Camera Club buddies, before putting them on eBay.

  • 59″ x 79″ Pop-up background
  • Canon 420EX speedlite – SOLD
  • Full size back drop stands – NEW  – SOLD

If there’s anything you’re interested in, just drop me an email, or call me on 07917 154808

n.b. If you’ve got anything photography related you would like to sell, please contact Andy or one of the committee members

Pop-up Back drop – Used – £25
If you’re looking to do portraits, something you’ll need is a background, this is a nice quick way to get just that!

The back is 59″ X 79″ (i.e. taller than me) so can be used for both 3/4 length portraits for a single subject (or 2 close friends) or a head’n’shoulders group of up to 3. The background is really light, and has a number of strong loops so it can be easily hung, although because it’s size it can easily be lent against a wall for upright shots.

The back ground folds down to approximately 1/3rd of it’s original size and comes in a round zipped storage back.

The background does have a couple of marks on it, however these don’t notice in use, because of the mottled pattern and the fact the marks are in the centre of the back ground, directly behind your subject.


The following portrait was shot with this background and the flash below in less than 5 minutes by bouncing the light off the wall behind me.