Summer Programme Pirton – Update

Andy    June 9, 2018

Photographer At Work 2I’m please to report that despite some, really really awful flat grey light, (and not the beautiful summer sunset I’d hoped for), first event of the new Summer Programme went ahead as planned, and has to be deemed a success!

The evening started promptly with everyone being at the meeting point in good time ready to go.

As planned we walked from the Fox Pub across to the near by St Mary’s church where we took the opportunity to view the gravestones (always interesting for an atmospheric shot) and the interestingly described “nature reserve” where we found an abundance of wild flowers.



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From there we walked onto the village green where the May Pole provided some interesting opportunities of photographs, and some even more interesting opportunities for photographs of photographers taking interesting photographs.



In Need Of Repair

In Need Of Repair

Photographer At Work 1

Photographer At Work

Although only a short walk around the village, everyone found something of interest; whether it was an interesting old car, that brought back memories, the cow field that was curiously devoid of cows, or a remarkably dilapidated shed, in what was otherwise a pristine garden (I can see that making an appearance in the new season’s monochrome competition) everyone came back saying what a great time they’d had and that they hadn’t realised how much there was to photograph in Pirton.

Once back at out starting point we were pleased to find another camera club member had come along for the social part of the evening.