St Ives Tourism Association website features Hitchin Camera Club photographer’s image

Andy    June 5, 2018

Within Hitchin Camera Club we have strong tradition of supporting our photographers, and recognising their achievements. I’d therefore like to highlight one of most active photographers Simon Maddison LPRS, has recently had one of his images used by the St Ives Tourism Association.

Simon took a picture of the David Nash sculpture (with his grandson) in Tremenheere Sculpture park, which he then posted on Filckr (you can see Simon’s Flickr feed here). The St Ives Tourism Association contacted Simon to ask if they could use his image, which he agreed to. Here’s an extract from the website showing Simon’s image


Photo by Simon Maddison

If you’d like to see the full post, including Simon’s photo, you can visit the St Ives Tourism website here