AGM 2018

Terry    April 27, 2018

On the 19th April we held our Annual General meeting. As always we had reports from the various club officers on the current season and an insight into some sessions to look forward to in 2018-19.

Part of the meeting also revolved around the AOB for where member’s raised topics for discussion. This year we discussed;

  • A change to the constitution to remove the membership discount that applied for people joining midway through the club year. it was agreed that doing this would give the committee the flexibility to try a different pricing policy. Next year this will provide a graduated membership fee for people joining later in the year.
  • A proposal to increase the size of the committee to eleven members and for the committee allocate some roles as they were required. This was agreed by the meeting.
  • A code of conduct that laid out guiding principles for the club which was presented by the committee. This was warmly welcomed by the members.
  • The need to ensure that the club had a wide and representative membership that engaged with the local community.

Presentation of Trophies
Finally we had the presentation of trophies. This year we had 17 trophies to present. Many thanks to Simon for taking the photos below of members receiving their prizes. Dave Martin was away on holiday and unavailable to pick up his haul.


The minutes of the AGM will be available soon on the website.