Beyond the Battlefields – until 5th May

Terry    April 11, 2018

The University of Hertfordshire presents an exhibition of life in Germany during World War One seen through the eyes of the German photographer, Käthe Buchler (1876-1930). This is the first exhibition of her work in the UK and is the largest selection of her work to be exhibited outside of Germany.

The exhibition showcases a unique series of images of everyday life before, during and after the war.  Her photographs are part of the collection of the Museum of Photography in Braunschweig – where she lived and worked.

Buchler who was an early adopter of the Autochrome process captured a full range of images that depicts the effects of the war on the German population. It is interesting to compare these images with those that we have become familiar with in the UK.

University of Hertfordshire War Engagement Centre Gallery opening times:

  • Monday to Friday: 09.30 – 17.30
  • Saturday: 09.30 – 15.30
  • Sunday: Closed

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