Photographic Exhibition, Stevenage

Terry    February 14, 2018


The Pi Gallery, The Gordon Craig Theatre, February 6th to March 15th

The formation of the Hayfield Group was the inspiration of local photographer Chris Pike.

Chris was aware of the superb facilities offered by the Pi gallery at the Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre, and decided to invite notable photographers from the vicinity with the objective of promoting their art and photography to other photographers and to the general public.

In this present age billions of people on the planet are involved in some way with photography, in most cases by means of their mobile phones. Sometimes important and dramatic events are recorded but, sadly, most of the time the images are transient, viewed in an instant and then cast aside in the hurly burly of everyday life. Again, sadly, these images may not be recoverable in decades to come as technology moves forward at any ever-increasing pace.

The exhibition seeks to illustrate what can be achieved with modern computers and printers. Whilst many photographs still retain the familiar glossy finish, materials are now available to achieve delicate watercolour effects on art papers or the gritty black and white images that are familiar. Digitally produced prints now have an excellent permeance and will still be in existence for many decades to come.

The group’s objective is to show the wide range of effects that can be achieved by the means of the photographic and digital process.

Photographic Exhibition 6feb To 15mar A4