Panel Competition February 15th

Terry    February 1, 2018

Gareth Kitchener – Rusty Rings

With the Panel competition or as it is also known, the Triptych competition due to take place soon, it is a good time to point members to the advice that is posted on this site. There are a number of options to find this information and they are detailed below:

  1. Details on “How to make a composite image for the panel competition” can be found in the post of the same name under “What’s new”
  2. To find the article on Triptychs; Enter “Triptych” in to the search box, Select the “Panel Competition” and within that article you’ll find 3 links taking you to different relevant pages
  3. Search for “Panel” for the same results
  4. You’ll find it as the last item in the “How To..” section of Inspiration
  5. If you open the Competitions Definitions page for Panel Competition you’ll find the same 3 links as above.

The garden of earthly delights a very early triptych