Photographers who Inspire us

Andy    October 13, 2017

In September we had our first home grown evenings of the season and did something new! We asked 6 members of the camera club to do short presentations on the photographs and photographers who inspire them.

As Andy explained in the introduction to the evening;
There are thought to be 1.8 billion photographs taken every day. Everyday we personally see hundreds if not thousands of images and each one of these affects our perception of the world either re-enforcing existing beliefs or challenging our view of the world. As photographers we choose how to represent the world in our photographs based on our skills and experiences to create our own personal style.

During the evening Tony James, Jeremy Lintott, Maija McDougal, Greg Covington, Dave Martin and Andy Hyde told us about who and what influenced them.

Jeremy – David Yarrow

Jeremy opened the evening by sharing some amazing black and white wildlife photographs by David Yarrow. As part of Jeremy’s presentation he shared some of his own personal stories of meeting David Yarrow and how David started to sell his images. Jeremy showed a number of David Yarrow’s amazing wildlife shots and how he meticulous plans his photos.

If you’d like to see some of David’s shots visit his website,

Tony – Sue Bishop

Tony started his presentation by talking about some of the pioneers of photography including Robert Doisneau and Henri Cartier-Bresson, but the moved on to Sue Bishop. As part of Tony’s presentation he showed a number of Sue’s images and his own interpretation of her shots.

See some of Sue’s photos on her website

Greg – Hugh Milson and Hans Stand

After the break Greg, one of our most talented landscape photographers spoke about 2 photographers who’s inspired him; Hugh Milson and Hans Strand.

Learn more about these photographers on their websites

Maija – Carbon Printing

Maija did a short presentation of photographs she’d been given which illustrated carbon printing

Dave – John Shaw

The secret to Dave’s success in competitions is now out! In Dave’s presentation he explained how his influences go back to dark room days, and two books by John Shaw – Close-ups in Nature, and Landscape photography. Dave went on to say although these books don’t deal with digital the techniques and approaches are every bit as relevant to today for digital as they were for Film.

Dave also explained how he took inspiration from paintings, particularly the works of the impressionists.

If you’d like to learn more about John Shaw and his work visit his website

Andy – Gavin Hoey and others…

Andy rounded off the evening by splitting his slot into 2;

In the first part of his presentation Andy talked about Gavin Hoey, and how he inspired through his photo tutorial videos on the internet. Like Tony, Andy showed Gavin Hoey’s shot and then his own.

See some of Gavin Hoey’s videos here and here

In the second part Andy spoke how like Dave, he took inspiration from many sources including paintings of Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Vincent Romero, and wide range of both iconic and modern photographers.

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