Lastolite – Ezybox Speed-lite 2

Andy    September 23, 2017

The Lastolite Ezybox Speedlite 2, is a flash modifier for use with speedlights. The diffuser features an easy to use pop-up mechanism which allows it to be stored and transported in a triangular zipped sleeve, about the size of magazine, whilst still being rigid in use.

Inside the diffuser the side walls are reflective, making best use of the light, and the photographer has the option of using 2, 1 or no diffuser panels allowing control over the softness of the light and removing (if required) the hot spot . Also inside the diffuser you’ll find a mounting point for Lastolite strobo Gels, these allow you to quickly change the colour balance of the light, or to install an effect filter.

The Lastolite Ezybox Speed-lite 2, has a much improved mechanism for fitting to your flash. Here a knurled ring pulls a band tight around the flash head. This gives a really positive connection, and helps keep the diffuser from sagging in front of the camera lens, however with movement this can work off the flash head (especially since most are slightly tapered), Some good Old Skool grip tape stuck to the flash head improves this enormously.

One minor limitation of the band system is that your flash pokes into the back of the diffuser through quite a large hole, with the possibility for light escaping back around the edges. I have seen this actually cause a problem it just seems odd.

If you’re looking for your first modifier, this would be a great option. It will vastly improve the quality (softness) of the light when used on camera, and can of course be used off camera. Having the ability to add gels inside the diffuser makes this an easy way to start mixing flash and ambient light.

These sell for around £40-50 and are great starting point in improving your flash work.